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Nepal now has been moving through a difficult bent. The Nepal's people have not yet been assured that the country will get a democratic constitution and permanent peace in time. The political parties have been fighting on the petty items of their interest in spite of believing each other mutual. The term political consensus has yet not been reflected into the behavior, rather is limited within the term itself. The situation peace and order has not been improved as it is expected. The rate of unemployment is high in the country. The skilled manpower has to escape abroad due to the lack of employment in the country. The increasing load shedding has been pushing the country back ward more, which has been negatively affecting the business people.
There is a possibility of making our country the commercial centre of south Asia , which working on bridge in the economic activities of the neighboring super-powers and learning from them as much as possible , mobilizing the available means and resources in the country which has been situated between India and China, which have been moving with fastest economic development . However clearly we have a very bitter reality in front of us that not only the business problem but also our national economy has been under confusion because of the lack of proper economic policy, because of different nature of the tax and revenue system of the government, charge of the rate and industry policy with the change of government, due to the contemporary political instability of the country. Running the trade industry and business is the primary responsibility of us the businessmen. The peace and security, the law and order, the compatible environment for the investment, healthy competition are needed for the sector of trade. The business men have been facing different problems and challenges in different names from the government and government agencies as.

As it is more appropriate and effective to face these problems and challenges collectively than individually. We have been organized under the umbrella of 'Nepal trade and commerce Association.' 'Nepal Trade and commerce association' is the common forum of all businessman. Staying on this forum we the businessman can make the resolution and conclusion discussing on the pains and problem of the businessman. We can support on the nation building process through the hearty competition mutually sharing our comments, contradiction and suggestions.

At this condition, when the country is in the process of restructure, I would like to make a hearty appeal to all the businessman friends to participate in this great goal expressing my commitment on behalf of 'Nepal trading commerce Association' to move forward , raising our voice of justice at the sector of commerce unifying all business man of the country who have the same goal and destination .


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